Jab we met

Sitting at the beaches of Pondicherry and breathing in so much fresh air gave me a totally new outlook on things. I am now much more creative and original. I am totally coming up with things that NOBODY ever has thought of – totally.

It was during one of these inspired moments that I decided to pick up a plank of wood and carry it around. So totally different!

Wait, what? Jonny from Ed, Edd n Eddy had one? The cartoon I grew up with and now I am going all Freudian on?

Shut up bitch. You don’t know nothin’.

How did we find each other?

We were sitting on one such beach in Pondicherry, playing the beloved game of Ass Waves (Copyright pending. Ask for details.) when riding on a wave like an epic surf board, I saw a wooden plank. Upon spotting it, my friend Ganja (yes that’s his name) screamed, “Jumanji!”. This was the moment, the exact moment my dear friends, that the memories got triggered. After a totally sci-fi neuron message transmission of 1 second later, I was chasing after the plank floating on the waves of Bay of Bengal.
[DISCLAIMER: This is highly dangerous behaviour. Please do not attempt it. I am allowed.]

And since then, I have carried Jumanji around like a pet. Why not get an actual pet? I heard you have to actually clean them.

Aint nobody got time fo’ that!

We have had many adventures since then. Accounts of which shall not be updated here. Because you see I shall be busy adventuring.

As of now, I am not sure whether to paint eyes on it or not. I am not sure we are there yet, in our relationship you know? What if it starts emoting? Am I ready to handle that?

You can suggest your original ideas and I shall accept them. Totally.


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