(March 2011)

[random ramblings. unscientific. un-grammatic.]


It’s a four dimensional world they say. And every face we see in billions of lives on this planet, is within these dimensions. Though sometimes I wonder if that is true. If it’s true that we live in established dimensions at all.

Each face is different, each a varied soul. For so much of variety, ‘the creator’ just ended up making a mixed curry with too many flavours and too much salt that gives you abnormal blood pressure. I wish there were just different versions served in bowls, dig in where you feel your taste buds salivate the most. So much easier, when its all prepared and served rather than finding your favourite flavours and then making one yourself.

I wish it would be like a classified file cabinet, colour or perfume coded, to each one his own, that’s the beauty of free will isn’t it? Just look through and pick what’s necessary, what’s functional. Why go through the rest of the junk? Leave that to the more curious or well, the jobless. Otherwise the rest of the time you know exactly where to look for what you want. Who doesn’t like a job easily done?

Each person a whole story, sometimes the plot is the same, but characters still different. Each one to his own climax.

And so I feel every person is a separate dimension. Each one to his own space.

Where do we lie? What are we doing? Just flying about in our spaces and sometimes crossing others? It’s wonderful how it sounds like a probability diagram. A union B, intersection. Exclusive. Inclusive. Science and Mathematics are wonderful; apt for all the love, passion and hatred they inspire.

The most troublesome is when someone else’s gravity makes your space crumble. It’s like a black hole. You become a subset. Sucks you in. And it’s impossible to get out. This just doesn’t mean they are overshadowing, gravity is attraction. It can be self governed. And sometimes you let your space intersect with a dangerous one, it’s such the lust. Oh, it’s so annoying and confusing, the human is such a difficult creature. Sometimes it really feels like the most appropriate thing to do would be to just dump them in a garbage bag and never look in the bin again. Ever. Just let it go. You’re better off without it all. Who needs a billion dimensions? Aren’t we having enough problems handling 4? Whose ridiculous idea was it anyway?

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