(October 13, 2010)

It’s not so easy to be driving down the only road you know again and again, yet never complain about the sights. I wake up every morning with my alarm ringing at 7 so I can just clean up before I left for the day. The same old charade. I knew this dance well.

She’d never see me and he’d never say hello, but it will always taste good and they will always talk. And the wind will always not blow, and the snow will never fall, and the sweat will be staining my shirt, the sun will never be cold.

Don’t trust the movies, just watch them I say. Drama and lights, sex and fights, dreams and hopes, cha cha cha to the tango with the waltz. Make my sweater breath fire into my cold hands so I might maybe work a little. Typing on my fingertips my brain bleeds out its most interesting stories so maybe I could sell them and make a little more money to watch my glamour movies and steal its glitter to glue on my gloomy slate. Glamour, glitter, glue, gloomy, glee, glutton, glug, glow, glob, blob, lob, lub, dub, lub, dub, lub, dub, lub, dub, lub… heart’s not gonna go any faster so I don’t bother running.

‘Where to sir? The highway is that way!’ the man screamed. But he kept driving on the road, on and all the way over to the edge and off. He threw his hands up while his hair flew in a frenzy and the hat flew’n’ bumped the car’s rear glass. He laughed his happiest laugh when his wheels burnt off their blackness with the friction and his engine exploded.” Boom, bam, lots of fire, CRACKLE, CRACKLE, some fire, Crackle, Crackle, little fire on his charred feet, crackle crackle, glowing soot, ssssss, ashhhhh, smoke. “cough cough” the man said. “Tch tch, look what people do for adrenalin.”

And look what people. It’s time again. So good night then. I’ve washed my feet and my armpits. Now am going to make love to my bed and the best part is- you’re welcome to watch

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