I sleep once the sun rises

The easiest way to understand violence is to understand the cold smell of steel after rain. To understand natural over something synthetic. To understand the nakedness of our animal against the crafted hide covering it.

Tendencies are circular. To exist, a circle must end where it began. Must follow the round. A circle is nothing if it  can’t come around.

Like a door is nothing if not opened to somewhere. Like existence has to do with meaning. And if we lose meaning, we lose the ability to understand purpose. To understand the theme, the fitment – the context.

Is love geometric? Carefully measured sides, corners, curves? Calculated angles of affection, tantrums, enticement.

Is love measured to find fitment, find meaning, find context? Is love our cover for filling up what is too plain for sight? Is love the opposite of violence?

And is it that these oppositely charged poles, when come together, fire a spark so destructive, so attractive, so sublime that we get consumed?

I think tendencies are forced by cravings for the end, for the consumption of purpose.

I think people are tendencies too proud to admit they circle.


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