Human Revelations – I

I have had an inkling for quite some time. I think human beings have had an epidemic unknown to them. I think that at some point in our evolution we were infected by a great virus. This virus ate away some part of our ancestral brain. Damaged it so deeply that every being was then affected. And slowly it evolved into each one of us. This deformity became a part of our DNA and now each one of us possesses this deformity. We are all handicapped.

How do I know of this disease, this great epidemic? Because I have seen its symptoms. You will not see them in endless scrollings of a screen. But in closed doors or streets. Not in dumb stupefied technology. But in moments, in isolation, in sparks. Yes these symptoms graduate rarely. Because they show up in moments so bare and mandatory that it demands more character out of you. It is a test, this environment, this moment, and if you symptomize then you are revealed. I don’t know what we do about this disease, in the occurrence of these symptoms. Do we understand, realize? Are we conscious? I don’t know. I often see other symptomated individuals, if you will, joining in with another infected person at these times of reveal. Some other ignore. But most are indifferent. There are handful enlightened ones though. They understand of this disease, they have precautioned their mind against it. They have built slowly around these deformities. And in these moments of reveal, these counted people revolt. Some internally, some livid. Some move on, some question, some slap.

Till now I have not explained the symptoms of this disease, I realize. The absolute lack of common sense and decency, the sudden urge to please, the uneqivocal rise in hubris, the breaking of understanding, the disappearence of compassion and empathy, the violent movement of limbs and the hotness of skin. All or some, in varied combinations, varied magnitude. They often lead to injury. Grievous injuries. Death even. Because you see, you have read of this disease in books yet you know not of it. You have read it in wars, in poetry, in scientific discoveries. You have seen it in plays, heard it in music, felt it in fabric. Because everything, everything man creates, man destroys, is a result of this disease and is a reflection of its magnitude, its deepening scars. The steel of our buildings, the plastic of our cities, the discovery of nuclear energy – every single thing is a result of this disease.

So is there a way to cure it? I have seen the cure is often through suffering in solitude, so eternal and so painful that many break before they reach the end of it. The saints probably are the ones who sustain till the end of the human reveal. But through every pain, every suffering, every mishap of this human condition in one’s life, we cure of it. We cure of this disease. And through every unbearable moment of injury, we cease to become the victims of this disease.

I have now come to wonder if we have any capacity of escaping this suffering. This disease to me has become the controller of our existence and the virus is probably our God. Therefore, there is perhaps no method of escaping our suffering. No method of not curing it. I suddenly wonder if in this suffering we have become more united, more divided. If in this suffering we have magnified the idea of togetherness. If this is what herds are about…but I diverge.

The great human epidemic is thus, to me, the cause of all suffering and the answer to our every curiosity.


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