Human Revelations – II

If in the autumn of our lives
And the winter of our beings
A leaf,
Fallen from the tree
“what is the meaning of this deed
Of providing abundance
As I lay in every heat
In ever tremor
Through toxic weed
Only to be removed
To be exiled
For eternity?”

The tree should reply
With the humility of a breeze
“I arrived
I believe in serendipity
But in every season, every mischief
It just happens so
Unknown to me
But for some bigger picture it seems
I lose my age, my cover
And I outgrow your feet
And so we move in unison
I upwards, you in revision
Though its something I have seen
You melt back with me
Because I keep looking upon
As you crumble beneath
And I love you so deeply
That through seasons as I weave
I carry you in me
I carry you with me”


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