Home Coming

I have new addictions. Most I am not concerned about. None of them will make me explore my own darkness and then express it in shitty poetry. So that’s always something to be happy about.

I have new people. Most are harmless. It required no great courage to acquire them I realize. It required some return to innocence. And well that can never be something to complain about.

I have new pains. Physical and Mental. But it’s refreshing. For someone who revels in tragedies and sorrow, pain does well. And I feel again a range of emotions instead of one, singular, stabbing pain.

I have new stories. No new methods of telling them though. Maybe that will need another great adventure. Oh, I look forward to that.

I have new fears. I am no longer scared of loss. With every loss, I have learnt, I find something new. And what an incredible experience that is. Damn. What an incredible, incredible experience. I am scared of highs. I am scared of how much I love a chase. I am scared of self-destructing in 3, 2, 1, 0. Heh. Not yet I guess. Maybe someday.

Or maybe not. I take my pills right. The pills are still the same.


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