Let’s start from the very beginning

I used to be obsessed with excellence. I still have my hangups about perfection. At this point you are probably laughing this off with that old wisdom of “Nothing is Perfect.” You could be right. So much 21st century wisdom guiding our confusing lives. 5 second rule. Pick whatever you want to.

But yeah, it is getting frustratingly confusing. You have to be ambitious yet live simply. Contribute to the world and society yet somehow manage to not get a complex when you compare paychecks. Life got really terrible for me. In some odd attempt to prove myself right, I made more mistakes in a short span of time.

Lesson? Always listen to your inner Jumanji.

And the all knowing Jumanji taught me that mediocrity or excellence can be treated as concepts, hence less tangible. And while they exist, are practiced and meaningful – reducing their tangibility in your mind helps you deal with it better. So now I live my life simply. I live it as a series of events followed by a series of learning. Many of you might have figured this out early in life. You are lucky. I was never ahead of the curve. Damn it.

And it wasn’t just Jumanji but an entire culture that helped me understand this. I spent 5 months in a student exchange in Paris recently. Now that was fascinating. Not because it is the ultimate city of romance, with eternal walks along the Seine as mental violins lead you to the love of your life. But because I was not prepared. I had no expectation of what life would be like. I had no clue of what all the white people be like! (Sorry, but honestly, I didn’t.)

Everything happened rather smoothly though. There was no culture shock, there was no sudden ‘Indian kid in a foreign land hence must write a book about sexual curiosity’ moment. Maybe it’s a personal experience but I felt fine. Life was better, glossier and dubbed in French. That’s it.

I have had some great revelations since then which I would like to share. For example, I finally understand salads and how to make them. Uncooked vegetable be yummy! I must warn you, this is not a travel journal. I am way to lazy to do that. This is just Jumanji and I sharing our 21st century wisdom. There is no app for that.



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