Hey Jude

Dear World,

You don’t know my country and it’s people. We are funny with our ethnic accents and jokes, but my people become more. We stand at an awkward crossroads between culture, tradition, technology and future. As we figure out where to go, we probably are paving the way for the world to follow. And as my people drive inebriated, cursing about our bosses, walking towards nothing that can assure the lives of our dreams – we are figuring out that it leads nowhere.

So follow my people World for as we challenge ocean waves across Pacifics and fight governments for residence and shelters- we show you where you stand. We are lighting slowly what might be defined as humanity for your children. What might be your concerns when you lie on a white bed, blessings aplomb. What you might never have time to teach your children because you never learnt it yourself.

Follow us as we tell you our ideas in small measures. In music and wild gestures of our escapes. Follow us through our deserts and crawl with us through our droughts. Feel the pain in our hearts when we watch our neighbours die, feel the joy of burning with them. Demand more from us, challenge us; we have the strength for bringing you something you never achieved. But do not abandon us World, don’t forget us in your pride and prejudice. We fail in language, in expression, in expanse – but we succeed in honesty. And what more can you look for. Do you not appreciate the truth already?

Come to us oh world, bring us to your ringmasters. We will dance with them and show them what the circus is.

त्योहार !


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