Note on 21st century Capitalism (I)

If you are stuck in the same job doing the same idiotic thing that you don’t even enjoy – then it’s your fucking fault. There’re, in this world, a million new opportunities that have been created, so many alternative lifestyles. We have more information to share with each other than ever before. So the fear of not knowing what such a life can get for you is ridiculous. It is the most epic level of cowardice to me. That doesn’t mean when you have constraints and you choose to stay in your life, you are a coward – NO. I know too closely that having to fight some of these constraints becomes beyond our physical or mental capacities. But when you refuse to take that step despite being in a stable environment and then complain about life – fuck you.

Capitalism does not stop free will. It does not stop owners of these capitalist organisations from doing something that is good for this planet. A free market allows people to do whatever they want to do and why do they not do that – logically because they recognise that people are idiots. This realisation leads them to take two interpretations of the situation: 1. Let’s teach our people to not be idiots 2. Let’s use our idiots. And good governments have thus given you tools like laws and regulations, which you continuously flout yourself. You have learnt not to become good leaders, but to be exploiters of situations yourself. Therefore if you were to be in a position of power tomorrow, how much would you recall your own struggles? Will you not be enticed by the millions of idiots at your disposal with glazed eyes?

This is what economists are talking about when they say “Creative Destruction”. In any capitalist economy there is a clear way for people to do what they want to do. For people to overthrow previous unsustainable, unpalatable ways, because you are allowed to have a choice. Why don’t you just stop consuming? Because you don’t want to. Because you would rather sit in your comfortable chairs, in your shiny homes, owning 3 cars and 2 bars, visiting foreign countries every two months – than face the ugly consequences of this kind of existence.

And this is my argument: considering that you have family constraints, money constraints, health constraints, you decide to do what you do. Which is perfect. The importance of money lies in what it can buy us and what happens if you can’t buy what you NEED? But what about what you don’t need? What if you were to remove every object in your room and only keep what you absolutely needed to stay alive – can you take a pay cut? Can you go explore life and enjoy the good things that capitalism has given us like travelling and meeting people from strange lands? And now if you can not do that as a society because you have a section of people who want to only own things that they don’t need, can you as a society ask your governments to stop them? Can you as a society stop producing more uninformed, irresponsible citizens? Can you in this day and age of information and enlightenment, as a fucking society, stop not doing anything and get up?


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