Your cats are weird Mr. Stevens

Your cats don’t kiss Mr. Stevens
Your cats don’t bite or kiss
They stare at me from the window
Your cats don’t purr or hiss

Your cats don’t purr Mr. Stevens!
What cat doesn’t hiss and purr?!
I never see them move an inch
Your cats don’t move or stir

Your cats don’t shed Mr. Stevens
Their hair is thick as a bear
Their hair could be made of titanium
Your cats don’t wear or tear

Your cats can’t live here Mr. Stevens
They have seen too much and well
The world doesn’t know its burning
Your cats can’t break this spell

I got bored reading about Benghazi and day dreamed Mr. Stevens living with taxonomy cats. This is a cat in my neighbourhood. She seems like she knows what I am talking about.

Is this controversial?



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