Yes I might instgram the moment if I were falling off a cliff *click*

The thing is that I am young. Now that is not a thing to be annoyed or mad about, its a fucking fact of life. It is just a stage at which even a pupae reaches. A thing with so little will that you should thank *something* that a pupae even exists. Even unbeings age. The rocks the water the air. Because time exists for all intents and purposes. I am a fucking time sucking existence.

To resent me for that absolutely unasked for reality is just the most moronic thing. And therefore replace age with any damn thing you fundamentally hate -you remain moronic. And well who wants to be moronic. So let’s not hate. Let’s live for me, love myself. From there you get all the motivational talk you will spend anything on. That you are the fella,you are fantastic,you are fucking great, you are awesome,YOLO, #dank. From there you get that damn high to BELIEVE how amazing we are. Everybody is the damn best. Everybody is a god. Everybody is everybody. Everybody is equal. Everybody.There from you get to exhaustion because everybody is a lot. Everybody is everywhere. Everybody everywhere are not the same. Everybody everywhere is not like me. Everybody everywhere is different from me. Who am I? I must be different words. I must be different meanings. I must be different is a glorious pleasure. Where from you know you have achieved some bliss. But am I awesome? I am awesome differently? Does my different matter? Does it mean something? How are the questions coming to me? Why are there questions? I had all the answers didn’t I? What do I believe? What is the truth?

Fuck you if you think this is heavy. Fuck you if you think thinking hurts. If you think its boring. Fuck you think if 9-5jobs are a burden. Fuck you if you allow yourself to believe anything which refuses change.

Because the change is happening whether you acknowledge it or not.


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