It’s promotion season and you are fresh meat!

To begin with some positive reinforcement:
If you are reading this, you must understand that you are skilled enough to survive in the human world. Unless there’s an apocalypse. Then skill is irrelevant and prayers are in order.

I am not a saint. I don’t believe in making everyone happy. That is not why I am writing this. I am writing this because I care too much about the ideals my generation holds dear. It is something that keeps me up at night, makes me sleepless and all that emo jazz. A number of people I respect have pointed out how stupid that is, but I continue to walk my own path of stupidity in hope of redemption when kingdom comes.

“You are not your job” said every life coach in the world. Including the great Tyler Durden. Where I have come to disagree with Mr. Durden though is, you are not the all singing, all dancing crap of this world. Rejecting existence is something only Mr. Durden (and Chuck Palahniuk) could afford to do. It didn’t cost him anything. But it costs you. It costs a lot to live a life. Though that means money is essential and not a priority. Your manager/parent/partner/friend can not define the limits of what you do in life, only you can. If you truly believe that, you will find ways of escaping the world and finding something meaningful for yourself.

It upsets me deeply that our self worths are tied to our achievements. That we were only ever taught “success is a ladder”. Anything we do is tied to where it takes us in the hierarchy which immediately implies chasing superiority. We regard egalitarianism with so much contempt because there are people who have convinced us that equality entails (some form of) loss. There is so little that has been talked about “continuity” as an idea in our generation. Addition and Subtraction became simple concepts to teach in a society that worshipped the products of oppression. Capitalism became our saviour and even today remains the most reliable and resourceful system to bring about change. Even the greatest artists and comedians can not survive without the sale. But they get beaten by it too. Sale expects popularity. Popularity precedes fame. Fame precedes insanity. And who wins in a world which believes the 27 club is “Cool!” “Sick.” #Goals no matter where you stand in the larger frame of time.

I can’t believe in social definitions. I have failed miserably to fit any label. I have always failed to meet the expectations of people around me; to put up a performance that they can find acceptable. But I do believe in the search of truth and that is where all debates start. Poetically and illogically it has been suggested that everyone can have their own version of the truth. Extrapolation of daily life situations, using ideas employed to build theories of existence and reality, have allowed people to get away with anything. Which is why suddenly policy is being driven by “bull fighting is as cruel as being non-vegetarian”. If it is wrong to hurt an animal then it must be wrong to eat it! So let’s stop eating animals completely! But what about all the people who are in the meat industry? Well if they want to continue selling meat, they believe in hurting animals – these people are evil! Bring the rakes and the fire torches! Burn the witches!


Patient deliberation allows us to find a balance. It allows us to find sustainability. So today if you found yourself upset over your boss not giving you a raise, patiently deliberate with yourself on why does it matter? If you find yourself losing patience, go play with a kitten. Or a puppy. Or a person. Whatever floats your boat. Floating is not easy. They pushed me in a pool for a month and I still didn’t learn how to float. But on the last day when they were giving away certificates, I was floating alone in the deep end. And I am really thankful that I learnt it after all.

That’s a true story. 7th Standard. Golden period. Life lessons all around.

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