Before clicking on this, angrily scream “Fuck this!”

“I need you to stop behaving this way. I will appreciate it.”


“I need you to stop maligning me. I need you stop making fun of me. I need you to openly have a discussion if you want to negate my opinion. You need to understand why you feel happiness from never loving anybody. ”

“What are you talking about?”

“I am saying you feel happiness in hurting people and that should be medically assessed. And honestly I understand you might disagree that there is any need for that. I thought that too. So I decided to shut the fuck up. Now I never talk and so I never say anything that makes me want to get medical help.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Yes, I agree. My honest thoughts can be rather dense. What I mean is I introspect enough to understand parts of me that are not very happy for people around me. But I have the humility to accept that I am meaningless in the longer span of time. So I am nobody take other people’s happiness away from them. And my own unhappiness of them is mine to bear. But yes I vent. I talk honestly about things I feel. I talk about injustices openly. I don’t believe in hiding my own stupidity from the world and therefore I end up learning a lot from every experience about the effect of my actions on other people’s happiness. And when I know no matter what I do, I will always want to hurt that person, I stay away and shut the fuck up.”

“No you’re wrong.”

“No I’m smart. I almost got beaten to death as a child. I saw a man die when I was 5 and it’s​ still the earliest​ memory that I have been desperately trying to erase. My parents disowned me as soon as I turned 18. I still got into a Tier 1 college on a scholarship, educated myself, aced every class and got a seven figure salary in only 7 years from then. I have, personally, rescued three women from bad marriages. I’m not noble. I wanted to gruesomely kill their husbands but I found a less harmful way to achieving the same result. No. Literally. I’m not making any of this shit up. I have seen real. I have lived it. I have felt in my mind a hatred that is darker than being petty around the office.”


“I have been a bully. I am a woman so I have seen even more. And that is just a level of stupidity which is not real. You will not change anything, you will not build anything. You will continue​ to compete with this hatred of people and your objectives will therefore always be aligned​ to others. You will never do anything for yourself which doesn’t​ involve someone else’s unhappiness. You will keep going in circles but never moving forward. And while at it, you will keep pulling us all down. So just fucking stop it.”


“Just trying to be nice.”

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