The brokenhearted die young

Every day is like a new coat of paint in an old place. Like changing the skin on the same broken bones. If my world collides with another, the paint, it chips. I feel exposed, mostly vulnerable. As if the hungry and starving have come to bite at the slightest hint of blood.
But its always only in my head, isn’t it? My imagination runs wild. A lover of this world, I dream and escape from reality fast. A moment’s notice and I’m transported into my own song and dance.
And the rhythm, it gets so addictive. The beat gets heavier and my feet don’t know to when to stop the tapping. I drift away into the mood, into the nothingness of the moment with confidence of a singing bird – I’ll make music from the breeze.

I find love easily. Its as if sold by the buckets, made cold by the sea. In droves and heaps and waves – it only ever comes. All abandonment of caution, falls steep into the abyss. And honey I’m a pirate. All I know is the movement, all I know is the crime. Its forward, heave-ho, heave-ho. “Thieves and beggars. Never shall we die.”

I only steal

I only ever feel joy
When I see something
And it feels like forever
I have it ever seen
I feel like this story growing
Its been forever in my mind
It made me feel like mourning
At the very first sight

I’m a thief of time
Its my only being
I’ll stay out here forever
To have it ever seen
I feel like this song’s boring
Its been sung before
They probably did it better
And so my heart’s a sore


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