The two most abstract concepts in current human civilization are god and money. I really can not name a third.

Literally all of human civilization’s processes are centred around either or both of these concepts.

Either it is chasing one of these or the other. Or even running away from it. All ideas around human existence are questions of god or money.

And this is where I just want to cut shit short and tell you – who gives a fuck?

All this debate around abstractions and ideologies are games. I am fucking tired of these fucking games. The real shit this is trying to hide is power. God and money are power.

There’s some serious bullshit going on here that is wholly owned by men.

Majority of the philosophers in the widest ideologies are men. Majority of the people running the money are men. They can confuse you all day with words and wisdom, but you will excessively find your reality not improving.

So fuck them.

God and money are power. So play that game. Your individual resilience will go more miles than you can currently imagine. They can come and ideate and eulogize . They can fantasize and play. But the moment you start doing it, its an ethical dilemma. Its about the fucking wrong and right. Its about the future and not the past.

The reality is that the past has been the fucking reason for my present. For the present of a lot of people. And if we get the chance to take back the power, we absolutely should.

No. Questions. Asked.

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