The politics of disbelief

My personal belief system was created by the hatred of one thing alone – my father.

I am still unpacking how deeply therefore “patriarchy” affected me.

I have come to understand that our politics, our lifestyle, our profession – are all largely circumstance to begin with, but they eventually start reflecting our core beliefs of human existence.

Our political beliefs only exist to reflect our internal value system. What do we value? Human life? Freedom? Liberty? Égalité ?

I observe that almost everyone who may claim to have this value system, does not reflect the same political beliefs because of one important thing which we often don’t speak about in politics anymore – power.

It is the invisible idea of Power which always differentiates political ideas. How much do we value Power?

Its easier to explain if someone understands the concept of power itself is fickle. But if someone believes power is absolute – they also have an idea of what that absolute power looks like.

If you have had a vision of this power, of what it will mean to you individually and at a larger scale, you need only one tool to create that vision. The only tool which Power has is Control.

And control invariably leads to a loss of freedom and liberty for someone else. Empathy and other such “feelings” type of things keep our control in check. But when it comes to larger geo-political scenarios, these feelings are very difficult to explain. They often get rejected by the popular retort “facts and not feelings matter”. Which personally to me has never made any sense and never will.

The assault on people’s expression of their feelings is a silencing tactic of Power.

They call it many things, identity politics being the hot favorite of a person who won’t listen or attempt to understand a point of view. Because they know NOBODY has the authority on the human experience. If your perspective is put into words that are coherent, they are threatened as they sense a loss of control. And without control there is no power.

Unless, and this is a heavy unless, there is no “loss” of control but a “transfer”.

This is the Politics of Disbelief – a value system rooted in the curiousity of the unknown.

It is a problem solving approach to Power, requiring accountability and responsibility by the individual for that power – not just glory as the megalomaniac men of this world have continuously demonstrated.

Very Stan Lee of me.

I think the world has seen a lot of violence and inequality because of the idea of what solutions mean. There is currently a damaged world built on strong beliefs of men who think they understand the unknown. Transfer of power means loss to them as their individual contributions to problem solving remain limited to being the face of the operation. They want to remain in power, in control, so the entire world reflects their internal value system. It leaves no room for the unknown, this is the tyranny of the man.

And if you take a moment to see what is unknown – the meanings of our existence, the possibilities of our survival, the evolution of our society and the future of our collective reality.

There’s incredible hubris in whoever claims they’ve got all that figured out. Did the universe reveal its secrets to them in their dreams? Or did it come to them in a moment of revelation at the steps of a temple? Did God almighty whisper it into their ears? There are apparently several versions to even that. Who can even keep up these days.

Keep alive the disbelief in what is happening to this world. The questions this disbelief raises, are the only ones which people in power have no answers to. Disbelief is a strong opposition to a tyrant. It doesn’t make sense to them how you can’t automatically trust their judgement, it shakes their entire world view. They have no alternative, they only feel a loss of control at your disbelief. Meanwhile you immediately gain control. This transfer is important, only you need to acknowledge it. Then wield your power.

Trust me, I was born to a tyrant. Their power is fragile and doesn’t last too long.


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