Nobody wants to travel. They want an instagram account.

I travel because I need to satisfy my insatiable curiousity. I don’t have the energy to create a “travel blogger” life which a lot of people have recommended I do. I mean, I take great photographs, I know a lot of places which most people don’t. I have access because I have a well paying job. I could really create that blogger life if I wanted.

But I don’t want it, I don’t know why.

I can’t express the peace I feel being far away on some piece of land, unknown and estranged. I love that feeling of being invisible to my surroundings, irrelevant to the people around me. I am not sure why. Haven’t really fixated my head on figuring that out either. Do we need to dissect all our intentions and emotions? We can leave some things as they are.

I do agree not everyone loves to travel like I do. I am the sort of person who spontaneously creates a plan and makes it happen. Even I am surprised by the events that unfold sometimes. I realize though good nature and a trust in the human capacity to love & care takes me a long way.

I have been through a lot of places, met a lot of people. I am only 27 as I write this but there’s an acute awareness of my limited control on this world. I don’t even want to control it. I think the world does better without supervision. Let nature take over and create its own natural way of being. I believe in local communities controlling themselves. I believe we all need to stop trying to “make it” in this world and learn to actively contribute to the people around us.

And this is the most important thing I have learnt through travel. The world is so vast and sure there are possibly a few humans who are exceedingly famous. But fame is a silly thing. It only exists in our consciousness as a validation of our egos. To deliberately chase fame and curate our entire lives around it, seems like a crazy ordeal. To build all my experiences in this frame which can be sold seems like an unnatural way of living. But people do get famous because they practice their art. Though let’s be honest, no artist ever got famous unless they worked to actively popularize their work. And that requires the same old charade of performance. I hate performing for others.

Travel because your mind feels boundless joy from being in new places with new people. Travel so you can experience this beautiful planet, its humans and animals in whatever lifetime we have. Travel so you can feel.

Don’t travel if you want to earn money for doing it. Don’t lock up such an infinite desire of exploration in a financial transaction of class and identity. Or do it if you want. Who am I to lecture anyone on the right way to live life. I am nobody and quite happy about it 🙂

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