Men are selfish losers

It will do womxn a good deal to remember this too. Men are selfish creatures. They are born under a man god, listen to men music, laugh at men jokes, like men art. All their favorites are men. They serve men bosses, are loyal to men bros. Womxn are only an accessory to their existence.

Men are brought up in a culture which is absolutely blind to the talents of a womxn EXCEPT for what she does for a man. So men will love womxn for being beautiful to look at, being good in bed, being a caretaker at home – being a trophy to his existence.

A father’s respect for the womxn of his family is his pride, not joy. It is eventually his own image that he seeks to propagate through these womxn. It is after all quite literally his own name.

A man in love wants a womxn who can fulfill that same ego boosts he is used to getting from his mother and girlfriends. If you disregard him and fail to give him your entire attention, he feels not just neglected but bitter towards you as if he has been emasculated by your lack of co-dependence.

“You’re mean to me!” says a man who has done nothing but use my charity for over a year to ensure his emotional security and has been unavailable for ANYTHING I have requested him to be present for. I am mean to men because I refuse to give them credit for something they absolutely did not do. I am a bitch because I refuse to glorify men for simply existing as they are. “Embrace the glorious mess that you are” says the motivation poster of a man who has spent his entire life being nothing but a mess.

The ENTIRE WORLD suffers right now because men refuse to do the work required of them to fix the problems they created. Whether it is misogyny, climate or politics – men will sit and share their wisdom through words but refuse to act despite knowing their action will make a huge difference. Men refuse to become a collective because it is easier for them to ignore their responsibility in this world. Because they are very well aware of the evil they have been creating. They are aware of the bravery needed to face it – and most men are not brave at all. Do you otherwise not believe they could make a sport out of conservation?

So they will “courageously” declare atheism and love for metal music but participate in caste based religious ceremonies. They will wear the janeu (even during sex!) to show their appreciation for tradition while shamelessly spouting “I don’t see caste”. They will hide their misogyny through “not everything is about gender” and their Islamaphobia through what they learn from white supremacist ideology. Their immorality doesn’t concern them. The man only ever wants to be superior, not correct.

Men at an unsupervised traffic stop love to keep going forward, despite knowing that will definitely create a jam. They’ll sit in a jam fuming and cursing, fighting and screaming with each other. But they will refuse to follow the rules. It is a bad world, its a useless system. Its beyond fixing. Its beyond repair. Bring on the hundred thousand euphemisms on death and descriptions of futility of existence. Ram into the rhetoric all that you can find from Nihilism to create hopelessness, from Stoicism to create worthlessness, from Marxism to create superiority complex.

Talk, talk, talk but do absolutely fucking nothing. And DEAR LORD is it a huge lie that men don’t speak much. Given the chance, a man will NEVER stop talking.

And so that they don’t feel like shit for never acting, they will force everyone to agree with them on whatever bullshit they call ideology. Men respond to dissonance with violence. They are also well aware of how they can use their manhood to create threat and fear in their audience. They’ll metaphorically (or maybe literally) beat their detractors into submission. And for those who do listen to them, friends and family, they’ll rather fill them with doubts and conspiracy theories than a well reasoned argument because a man will rather be dead than caught saying “I Dont Know”.

Men are not problem solvers unless it is about themselves. They love to struggle when they are asked to solve bigger problems. Somehow in their head it is either a sign of machismo or of their existential fragility, when they are “battling”. It is as ridiculous to me as all of their fantastical ideas on what the world should be doing to fix itself.

As if they don’t form the majority of the world. As if they themselves are beyond fixing.

So I am here at this juncture in life, alienated from all men and men things because I am tired of doing nothing. I’m tired of men being absolutely useless to me and the society. Unlike him, I’m not interested in promoting myself to seem savvy. I’m not interested in sitting in front of the TV playing games all day long. I’m not interested in waiting on my ass for something to happen so I can be a part of it – if time permits and there’s not a game on.

Almost daily I am told by men how I need to “calm down” – and I have been told this for 27 years. As if any man in my life has done anything ever to contribute to my growth. As if any man has ever HELPED ME instead of themselves. And I have lived in environments where cis-men have always been >70% of the population. Yet the whining, the absolutely miserable, intolerable, enraging and pedantic WHINING – never stops.

I’m tired of their inaction and disservice. I will accept nothing but truth and loyalty. I demand service to myself AND the greater good. If asking that from a man means rejection, I laugh at this society that thinks I’m the one losing something. You are all victims of useless men who choose to only use their intelligence for benefitting themselves.

Men are selfish losers and it’ll do us all a great deal of good to remember that.

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