Revolution is not a bargain

You know what it takes to be revolutionary
Just saying its not going down on my watch
Take ownership of your life and everything that it creates
When you put your sweat and blood into living every day like the imperfect sack of meat you are born on this earth as
You can come to appreciate and see the true value you bring into this world


You can become so taken by your circumstance that you find there is no other choice
Which I simply can not do, can not accept
Not a bone in my body, not for a second in my mind
Have I ever felt ok conforming

This is a declaration of independence
Saying fuck you to anyone who may not understand
Who may not believe
Who can easily question authenticity but has never known what it takes to practice it
Whose idea of reality is rooted in a vacant self that is either misshapen or not at all defined
I reject your ideas of my existence
I reject your recommendations for a “better” life

I am my own being
I have the audacity to know it

You will either have me as I am, or not at all
I fear nothing but the reaper

And the reaper is a friend


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