I feel

I have only recently learnt to accurately describe how I feel. I understand it is meant to be a description of my emotional state. So if I am emotionally withdrawn, I am feeling indifference? No, indifference is a state of existence, its not a feeling. Try again. I’m feeling nothing. That’s right, nothing is a feeling.

Ok. Let’s try again.

I feel silly. But silly is not a feeling, its a state of being. Maybe judgement on our emotionality, but no, not a feeling. I feel scared of being embarrassed? Yes, that’s a feeling.

I feel full, is that a feeling? I feel like at this moment in time, my life has blossomed into a gift rarely received by many who live on this earth. I feel grateful for what I have been given. I feel blessed for sharing this with someone.

Is this a feeling?

Yes, it is.

How do you feel?

Do you feel with your eyes, ears, nose or tongue
Do you feel with words, songs and touch
Do you feel with your mind that makes meaning from anything

I feel too much or not at all but then I wonder – What is a feeling?


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