I hate that love was made a thing to be afraid of

I hate that romance in the modern world was made devoid of any romanticism

I hate that they made us think love would cure us all, and so not having it, having it then losing it, never finding it – would make us dysfunctional

I hate we were made to fear love

I hate that simple was made to mean straight forward and easy

I hate that complicated was made to mean circuitous and tedious

I hate that they made us believe bravery could be only achieved physically

I hate that love was made to mean effortless

I hate love was called a bond

I hate that every story, love was always the end, not the beginning

I hate that we were told love would free our should and yet true freedom could only be alone

I hate love would have to mean pain

Love is hard work.

It is rewarding in its passion, it is difficult only in its words

Its simple in expression, but complex in the depth of those expressions

So it requires labour – which liberates you from feeling trapped in your body or mind

It brings you so completely into autonomy by having to apply all your strength

It is freedom to truly deliver our self – through recognising our being

But then you confuse love with sex

Confuse love with companionship

And while love may not be bereft of either, it is not complete with both

Beyond actions and emotions, hard work is incredibly – commitment

And if ever you were the creator of anything – make it beautiful!

Love is the only true art – And who the fuck said good art was easy ?!

Oh yeah. Consumerism.


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