Did you leave?

Are you gone now? Will you not come back? I am not sure how to understand this silence, you are far away. You went away. You are gone and I miss you.

I miss you

It is not enough, it just is not enough. It is not the words I want to use, but it is all I have. It is not the meaning I want to make. What I feel in this moment, far from you, is not enough for these words.

I can’t stop dreaming, I can’t stop imagining you here. If it were a thing, I’d grab this feeling and throw it out of the window. Destroy it. I don’t want to feel this but I can’t control that either.

I have to feel this longing. I have to be trapped like this in thoughts of you. Because you don’t live apart anymore, you live within me. You’re now alive inside me.

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