You big league kids are fucking cowards and I will never stop reminding you that.

Your expensive certificates and degrees should be burnt. I dream of the day when that happens.

You live in comfort with your company of sophisticated know-it-alls trying to cover for the fact that you are all a disgusting excuse for the privileged to keep holding power.

And maybe nobody else will ever show you the mirror for what you truly are but I can never stop seeing it. I will never stop throwing shit at your glass armours, you fragile fucking losers.

You judge us so harshly for speaking up because we are not allowed to take any space since you got a piece of paper to certify that your education gives you a right to speak.

So you screenshot and you gossip to be able to overcome that your entire existence is rooted in your ability to procure power through the same oppressive means you read in your trash textbooks.

We were never supposed to rise up. We were supposed to be your diligent followers. We were supposed to calmly take on the role of being the carrier of your glory. We were expected to be the wheels to grease your supremacy.

But fuck how did it so happen that we realised we have a mind of our own and an ability that will never be recognised by the grand halls of your bigoted intelligence.

How dare we read the books on our own and live through life taking your abuse for believing in ourselves. How dare we devote our work and labour to ourselves. Nobody calls us a genius to flatter our egos but we know who we are and we fight for it.

Your understanding of humanity is so poor that you don’t need to commit murders to be seen for your brutality and gruesome behaviour. You are not only a tyrant, you are a criminal.

You are the reactionary to my revolution. You will be usurped.

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