How are you doing asshole?

Got enough attention from them wandering eyes to feel good about yourself? I bet you didn’t even have to tell them “oh baby the universe was asking me to come see you”.

Got enough adoration from the ILoveYous you throw around? Good to know that you can finally feel worthy of love when it is from all of the world.

Got enough validation from strangers online? Your stories are reserved for the blind minds who will worship you for being a saint from the mountains. After all it is written in your ancestry, you are a destined god.

Got enough fuel for you dreams of grandeur? I imagine I was simply not deserving of your kindness after all how can greatness of a man be measured against a woman.

Got enough pride for your being? I imagine it was my own fault for handing you the key to the door of my faith. My being to you was always unnecessary.

I was just a peg to your success. You were always the cover story. You’d think I’d learn to deal with that fact. I’m trying. Its difficult to accept I am nothing and you are all.

Congratulations asshole. You da shit.

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