why can’t we be

let us line up our miseries

and see how they measure up 

against each other

let us list our traumas

so we can compare and decide

who stands over whom

against each other

no I am  not a human being

to be loved and seen

I am nothing but a body

a numeric for the anthropocene

what is your bottom

my bottom is more bottomed than the rest

my bottom is the bottomest

my bottom is the bottom of the best

nobody can understand what I mean

nobody has seen what I have seen

I am the sole bruised slave of this world

I have felt a pain with no in-between

who are you to decide for me

what should be enough, to be called free

who are you to make us of the one

they call the unfortunate “We”

there will be no liberty for those

shuttelling undecidedly on the scene

for they bled no hymns to speak of the sun

in places nobody had been

there will be a revolution for just one

the one who could never heal

for only that one is a fighter

for only that one can be a revolutionary


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