Congratulations on your happy childhood

Our privilege may be defined by our birth, the developmental lottery of existence

Our entitlement is glaring in the stands we choose to take

The fixation of the few on social justice is seen almost as a joke by the members of the winners club

As if there is an alternative to life available only to them

Because while here I am repenting the misfortune of a fatalist world

Here I am too determining my actions fight this doomed destiny of my being

The privileged will lead no such battles as the existence of many has no consequence on their own

They will be invited to the table either way, they will be then served on a platter

It is as if the wheel has been set in motion by an invisible force, only they can not see

Because I can see the ugly beast pushing the machine – it laughs at me menacingly every time I look at it

So you sit silently, shut down by the fear of an invisible demon who runs this train

You watch and tell me this is destiny


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