The metropolis rides on the depraved

What is bending your will
Is there a force so enormous to overtake your reality
If the guiding lights turn off, will you be able to walk through
The metropolis shines too brightly
dimly lit are the pathways where its truth seeps
The metropolis guides us down under
into the belly of its colony, where death goes to sleep

How is your fear so attached to disbelief
Is commotion only in your mind, is it necessary
Your faithfulness is only to your depravity
The metropolis feeds on your fragility
you cry and drown in your sorrow
The metropolis thrives on its rigidity
unwilling to let you feel free

Who calls you into action
Is anyone bothered to have you conceive
New motions, new horizons die inside us
The metropolis stretches its feet in your imagination
telling you to relax in its company
The metropolis calls you, come sit beside us
you are a pet too loyal to flee

What is this wickedness inside us
Is there only the monk in serenity
who can possess uncorrupted divinity
The metropolis tells you sanctity is a lie
you are a slave to your desires
The metropolis convinces you of displeasure
and you are too afraid to feel

The metropolis rides on the depraved
on the army of desolate men
and their broken dreams
The metropolis hides its motivations
writing stories of unheard deeds
The metropolis is alive in derision
biting your failure through its poisoned teeth
The metropolis will die in a grand collision
it will be defeated by a grand belief