Random Insane Strangers

I brought nothing along, I had my fears

I thought future was decrepit, so I left the insane

The dreams of those who see it all, for those who take the train

I melted my gold and pawned off my tears

I thought the tide would turn, I felt so sure

I came aboard this rapid here, I thought it was the only cure

It feels like nothing lives, that can move me near

I feel nothing can fool me anymore

I can only feel this loss of wonder, a hollow in my core

I don’t know who I am with these dreams so empty, is there a way to realise

The forgotten emotions, why I fail to remember

Who was it, who turned them into ice

I miss that girl who was a funny one, I can’t recall her name

I think she would laugh at my imagined danger, at my square feet thinking brain

I have become a portent stranger, a none so worthy of refrain

Who will remind me of that freedom, running in glee towards the rain

Who will build that tragic kingdom, where kings fall in love with the insane