the carcass of my misery

I want to fling this misery into silence
Carry it in a hearse,
filled with maggots
Let me watch it rot and bleed

This misery runs me
out of my head
It’s blaring sirens
I’ve called your number
the machine said
there’s no emergency

I want this misery
a miserable death of violence
I want it to never feel
itself succeed

This misery makes me a miser
I’m a greedy hollow
starving for guidance
For someone to tell this emptiness
to leave

I want a window
overlooking the giant mountains
over the dark forests
I want a room
built in the bottom of the seas

This misery has taken my wonder
it only dreams of gory vices
My mind has hungered too long
for something else to feed

I want this misery to burn
high till providence
To ashen their golden thrones
To choke their lungs
until they can’t breathe

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