Abolish labor baby, not the grind

What are you going to do? Read this and get horny? Watch my photos from the other side of the screen and feel like you’re not vulnerable?

All this damn work you do to follow me around and then blame me for data analysis because I don’t wanna be assaulted by a complete fucking stranger? You must be dreaming.

Bought a pocket knife. Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t feel ready. Sometimes you’re just looking the other way and damn, I didn’t think you’d be like that. Suspended my disbelief in humanity for a bit. Still not sure though if it was a good decision.

But I guess we’ll see. I don’t sit with my judgements too long. I can’t tell time, what is it even. I don’t live on the world’s clocks. My life, my rules. It is what it is.

Just remember baby, you gotta abolish labor. Not the grind. The grind is fun, gets us the good stuff. And I love the grind, it’s good for my body. Helps me lose weight.

How about this? Next time you want me, just let me know if you need to exercise.

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