when hope departs late at night

My feet are numb with pain
I can not walk
I raise my head
the unending looks back at me
It asks
Where do you think the light will lead?

I can not answer
My mouth is dry
I’m heaving, I can not see
I can not hear
I have been left alone
Once again
I must survive

The unending feels like a glacier
Of slowly melting time
I tune into the silence
I slowly start to understand
the stillness is divine

The unending becomes aware
of a passage through my mind
I wish for nothing more
Than this path to be defined

I wake up I see
the lear, the humour, the music
The fascinations of my being
I smile with joy
I have been remembered
I have been seen

The unending asks me the question
What did you seek?

I fall into sorrow
I don’t want to believe
That all I have is the unending
And the unending has me

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