signed, stamped and notarized

believe what you may
I have nothing left to hide
you have stripped me skin and bones
flesh and blood you too seek
I thought I found a selfless love
but tyrants love cruel company
not my head on a spike
not my heart on a platter
you desire my soul in a vial
I gave you my word
I made a promise
I turned your corner
I left the hive
still in numbers
you make me count my days
in daily reminders
you haunt my life
you won’t let me escape
you won’t let me arrive
a prisoner of your whimsy
you keep me alive
I no longer wait for signs or symbols
for thunder or for clear skies
bound in an endless wait
I have lost any will to fight
it’s been a cold december
windy have been the nights
still a long stay in this winter
before the flamingos have taken flight
no longer wish to be a visitor
not a refugee trying to survive
the comfort of a travelling home
inside a quietly raging life
you can take the wheel
I can be your navigation
it will be a tough journey
its going to be a long drive
I don’t need a destination
if you are by my side
just show me the papers
and tell me where do I sign

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