The night guards awaken

the barn owl screeches from the lamp post

a cat slides out from behind

sits quietly at the bottom watching

the wind is whistling through the trees

and the city youth are singing

laughing on the streets

the dogs are howling far away

my lover he is calling me

he wants me for the night

but we will not fall into slumber

for our clocks have just begun

my roommate works quietly

I make her hot coffee

and go out for a smoke

maybe fall asleep before the sunrise

she will wake me in the morning

when she makes breakfast

I’ll read a book so I can fantasize

to write some poetry for a stranger

who will make more ideas

from these thoughts I wonder

why they wish to see through me

and sit mapping my mind

I find it all so unusual

but no other cure for free time

what a wonderful story though

how beautiful it feels to be alive

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