Questions to ask your date – I

Do you know what it is like to love someone with all you’ve got, so much that you could put aside all your needs to make them happy? Do you believe that no matter the path, the river will always flow to the ocean?

If there was no food at home, no water, no money in the bank, but we still loved each other – would it matter to you? Could you keep going, knowing that love always finds a way?

What if the whole world told you kindness was a myth, that nothing was made from giving freely and the entire world was sure of the way in which to conquer life, was only to demand and confront? Would you still believe?

Do you think it is stupid to wait for someone, right outside their door, foolishly for hours, just so you could see them when they finally come out?

What if you were the only person in this world walking a path that no one else would? Is there something in your life that you want to devote yourself to, with so much conviction, that you would face all the opposition? Just so if someone else felt the same disillusion, they could know they weren’t alone?

Do you believe in helping humanity? That beyond the markers of kinship and solidarity, humanity will always need symbols and songs of comfort. And it is hard to help everyone, but if you could, would you want to?

I have infinite curiosity and I rush into the mystery with no fear of outcomes. But I do get hurt and then I’m truly afraid of what may happen next. I’m filled with doubts, it takes me a while to heal. Will you hold the fort until I am willing to go out again?

How do you perceive power? Is it only yours through domination and deception? Or can compassion, truth and gentle beauty be powerful?

Can you talk about difficult things? If something is hurting you, if it is me, can you tell me in no indirect ways of what is it that bothers you? Or do you fall into the shadows to watch and wait for me to make an error, so you can call me out on it?