Questions to ask your date – II

What if your mother doesn’t like me?

What if your friends like me more?

What if the ex texts when we are fighting?

What if you are having a good time but I am not?

What if I don’t want to have children?

What if the government says our alliance is illegal?

What if one of us has a deathly disease?

What if I don’t agree with your method anymore?

What if I want to leave?

What if I want to live in a different town?

What if I want to get clean?

What if I want more than what you could dream for me?

What if I no longer wish to be a subject to your desires?

What if I find destiny leading me elsewhere?

What if it was not something you could diagnose or heal?

What if I want to build alone?

What if the world was falling apart again?

What if the people needed us to be more than we could be?

What if our lives were on the line?

What if we felt we have no other choice?