Hello, my name is Sumedha. I write like nobody’s business because it is the only way I cope with life. This is the part of my journal I don’t mind sharing with the world.

But after experiencing an initial success of double digit followers and single digit daily visitors, I let it get to my head. Now I will post intermittently, as I strive to never give the people what they love. Also I think I have written more in the last two years than required of any individual in society. I have nothing new to say.

Besides, one must experience the pain of fruitless unpredictability to be able to appreciate freedom. A wooden plank named Jumanji taught me that.

I spend my time reading stolen books and roaming with the workers in the Indian subcontinent. Trying to keep my writing politically aware but not dogmatic. It helps to stay away from the vicious know-it-alls who won’t stop talking about their favourite quotes and authors. Quite annoying the educated lot is. What is more scary than a college degree? The mind shudders at the thought.

Please don’t try and understand me through my writing. It is nothing but a mirage of intimacy for the 21st century reader.

Just some words on a screen.